Monday, October 3, 2011

Growing Degree Days update: Harvest 2011

Through Sept 30, 2011, we've had 1670 GDD's at our place. That compares to 1638 through that day in 2010, and 2063 in 2009 through that day.

(GDD's measure average heat, so they're a proxy measure for sunshine; they are a tool to learn just how far your grapes are from being fully ripe ;)

So, this past September was warmer than last year's, but way, way off of 2009 (a slightly-above average year).

With plenty of rain forecasted over the next few days, all those who want to wait 2-3 more weeks before they to pick will be sorely tested.

I harvested some great hybrid grapes in Aurora this past weekend. Thank you to Lon the grower, and to my wonderful "grape widow" who patiently put up with it, as it takes hours to process grapes and run chemical tests, etc.

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