Tuesday, April 24, 2018

World wine output falls to 60-year low!

So THAT's why prices are shooting up! (Maybe).

Read the article here. It's about the lousy weather across Europe last year. So it should be only a passing blip in the long history of wine. I hope. If the weather can be closer to normal, this year.

Speaking of, I attach the annual photo of one of the Epona vines' budding out (this one is Jupiter). I love how a grape vine can show you the four seasons, just about as well as anything else can...

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dissing on some Brunellos

Twice lately I've been disappointed in some very expensive, well-aged Brunellos. I want the winemakers to remember that the grape is a FRUIT and that wine should therefore taste like FRUIT. Not some overly-acidic, vaguely black-tasting fluid that leaves a sour aftertaste. Not for that kind of money.

Here's to hoping the "classic" style of Brunello goes away very quickly, and that the "modern" wing of the Brunellomakers wins this war. Or, better yet, let's see some US winemakers make some nice, balanced, fruity Sangio. Please?

And you think YOU have problems?

Check out this article, with a video of kangaroos happily destroying Pinot Noir grapevines in Australia. $80,000 damage, and no grapes that year even if the vines survive.

How Climate Change's Extreme Weather Events Affect Grapes and Wine:

  We (Epona) joined the Porto Protocol a year or two ago; it's a collaboration of grapegrowers and winemakers, worldwide, who are focusi...