Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heart + Wine = Healthy, part 17

In yet another finding of better living through wine, a new study concluded that older citizens can ward off dementia, diabetes, disability, heart disease, and stroke, by indulging in a beer or glass of wine, daily. Alcohol thins the blood, raises "good" chloresterol, and keeps clots from forming. But if you already have dementia, wine makes it worse, so start drinking early! ;)
And 11% of seniors admitted to hospitals exhibit symptoms of alcohol addiction, so if you're older, watch your dosage of wine. Older folks can't metabolize alcohol as quickly, so they need to be very careful to monitor their dosage of it, as well as the time between drinking and driving or other physical activities.
And did you know that moderate wine drinkers tend to get more exercise, weigh less, and be overall healthier than the non-drinking and excessively-drinking population?
Source: Oregonian, Sept 23, 2009, page D2.
PS-Isn't the human heart beautiful? Just think of what it does for us. The brain, for all its inner glory, is much less extroverted than the heart-it is content to function without any discernible motion at all, like a black cat sitting in a dark corner, watching a party. Little wonder that our recent forebears (say, the Classical Greeks) ignored the quiescent cauliflower in our skull and thought the heart, with all its wild gyrations, must be the center of the soul, thereby giving us the immortal Valentine heart motif. We indicate love by gesturing to our hearts--maybe we should start pointing to our heads instead, only without making any circular motions or L-shapes with our fingers ;)

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