Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Domaine Raffault 2009 Chinon Rouge

Found a great little Cab Franc from near Chinon, in the upper Loire Valley (SW of Paris). I'm selling the Raffault Chinon Rouge for $12 (vs $15 and up at various retail outlets which have it in stock--some stores yield search results at prices lower than $15 but when you check they don't have the wine in stock).

The grapes are grown in an ancient riverbed of sandy and gravelly soils. The wine is a bright, clean red with silky black cherry flavors. Not so great on its own (due to the bracing acidic backbone), but with food it is fantastic. Try it with summer foods (smoked salmon, burgers, pizza, Tex-Mex). Great value for high quality! Contact me if interested. Raffault makes a good rose from the same grapes, too.

Here is good info about the winery and the wines:

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