Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turn the Wheel of Life with Glee

There is perhaps no better reminder of the cycles of life than the budding of a grape. It proves the strength of the well-founded root, the necessity in any endeavor of a good foundation. It shows us the hope that pervades the miracle of renewal. It is a reminder that our ability to harness nature, in our own puny ways, carries an obligation to protect it.

The cycle of life idea carries through even to our careers, which made me recall this poem:

Turn the wheel of life with glee,

And choose happiness o'er the other,

For the challenges here are rich and free

And yours could be met by another.

(I wrote that in the 1980's, on a jet to somewhere on yet another business trip--kind of an instruction to myself, to not get discouraged)

PS-Those are my grapes. It's a late budbreak this year in the Willamette Valley, but who cares? Everything depends on the strength and length of summer, and we all know that doesn't begin until July 5.

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