Thursday, February 18, 2010

When NOT to trust a Frenchman

This is for all of us who have had trouble, in a blind tasting, identifying a Pinot noir from a Syrah:

Guess what? Gallo, the largest winery in America, had trouble, too. They didn't figure out for years that "Pinot noir" which they bought from France was actually much cheaper merlot and syrah, which had been fraudulently mis-labeled by clever French criminals. Clever criminals who are right now probably wondering whether there is good wine in prison.

Hey, is there?

Update: Hey, last Friday night I attended a blind tasting (we didn't know the grape varieties) and I correctly guessed four of the six grape varieties. Yoohoo! Bet I couldn't repeat it. What made it tough is that some of the wines were not good examples of their type.

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