Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pinnacle Whipped Vodka

The well-governed State of Vermont has a fantastic** website which listed information about the content of alcohol for sale there.

(** as in "wonderful")

One of my daughter's possibly not quite so well-governed friends brought over a magnum of fantastic* flavored vodka which piqued my curiosity about the abuse of perfectly good alcohol.

(* as in "unbelievable")

Here is the Vermont info:

Pinnacle Whipped Vodka
Whipped cream-flavored vodka imported from France. Handcrafted in small batches and quadruple distilled with spring water from the Champagne region of France. The time-honored recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. Pinnacle Whipped Cream is a light, sweet combination of vodka, vanilla and cream.

you can mix 2 oz. Pinnacle Whipped Flavored Vodka with 4 oz. of ginger ale for a 'Whipped Cream Soda.' Or you can make a Key Lime Pie-tini. The possibilities are simply endless.

I will say that it is a curiously clear liquid, for something containing cream and vanilla. But who am I to quibble? It actually tastes pretty good. Like candy. Like something which can cause you to ingest mightily, not even noticing the alcohol, then make you want to go out driving, or performing brain surgery . . .

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